Helping You Find Car Finance

We can help you get a car loan, even if you:

Have no deposit

Have a bad credit rating

Have been in an IVA or Debt Plan

Have any CCJs or previously declared bankrupt

Refused car finance?

If so, we’re here to help.

Thousands of people are refused car finance every week. This is because mainstream lenders are only interested in lending to people with good credit scores. There are, however, lenders that will consider you for finance even with poor credit.

Welcome to Future Car Finance

Future Car Finance specialises in arranging bad credit car finance even if you have a poor credit history, or have been refused car finance before.

We know how tough it can be finding car finance, which is why we work with providers that can help you even if you’re in a debt plan, or have previously been made bankrupt.

We can help find car finance even if you have no deposit, or are unsure of how much you’d like to borrow. Simply submit an application and we’ll do the rest of the work!

Calculate what
you could borrow…

Our car finance calculator can help you work out the cost of your monthly payments based on your budget.

Just enter how much you’d like to borrow, the rate and the term, to find out the monthly payments as well as total cost of credit.


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Amount of interest
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